Our aim is:

  • to stay relevant and up to date; 

  • personal attention and a stable environment;

  • forging long term relationships with our clients;

  • easily accessible and available to take address your enquiry;

  • creating an all-inclusive related service "one stop shop" that saves time; 

  • 100% accuracy, confidentiality with secured record keeping in the Cloud;

  • to create solutions, absorb the stress on your behalf and to solve your problems.




1.    We have the best payroll system that money can buy, which is constantly updated to bring you the best possible service. There is a         variety of pay packets available to suit  your requirements such as: confidential duplicate with money pocket, non-confidential                 duplicate with money pocket, single with money pocket, EFT pay slips, etc.

2.   We have friendly and competent staff dealing with your company and we believe in a  cordial and personal service always putting        your needs as client first.

3.   A complete summary/recon of your salaries paid for the month, earnings, deductions, loans, medical, possible earning and/or             deduction formula, is available.

4.   A comprehensive collection and accumulation of data insofar as; annual, sick, compassionate /family responsibility leave, etc,              is captured, to give you the data at any time, at the  press of a button.

5.   Salaries and Pay slips can be emailed and/or couriered back to you at any time.  This means that we are not geographically                limited.

6.    We can drop the pay slips at your establishment and collect the payments/cheques-due to the various departments and make those         payments on your behalf.

7.   We are not bound by office hours and are available 7 days a week.

8.   The possibilities to you as the client are unlimited.




1.   We provide a full administration service insofar as the registration with the various statutory departments is concerned, such as 

      Receiver of RevenueDept of Labour, etc.

2.    We do supply and follow up on Injury on Duty (IOD).

3.    A complete conciliation of your WCA returns and submission to the Department of Labour.

4.   Conciliation and completion of your PAYE returns, completion and supplying of IRP5 at the end of the tax year

5.    We collect the payments/cheques-due to the various departments from you (as mentioned before) and keep up to date copies and               confirmations of these.

6.     We have a fully qualified accountant on board to deal with your accounting needs, such as VAT, Company Tax, etc.





1.   We have a full complement of Labour Relations Officers who deal with the day to day problems such as disciplinary hearings.

2.   We do training in the disciplinary process and the setting up of an employees  forum/workshop.

3.    We represent you as the employer at the CCMA, provided that you are a member of FEDHASA in the hospitality industry.

4.    We have a comprehensive contract of employment for your staff, be it fixed term, “casual” (hourly paid), probation and/or permanent.

5.    We deal with all Union related matters insofar as grievance and wage negotiations are concerned.




1.   We have a fully qualified member that can and will assist you in setting up stock control, management training, chef/cooking training          and the setting up of menus.

2.   We can also set you up with the necessary software to do your sales, stock control, front of house and back of house sales, bookings,          and more.

​3.   Palm Consultants is also associated with a Business Marketing and Strategic Consultancy that can assist and equip you to move your            business to the next level forward.     



We are committed to ensuring that you as our client feels welcome at Palm Consultants and that we can build a long term relationship with you. We have a broad network of specialists and knowledgeable people that we work with and look forward to helping you to address the challenges and possible problems that your business mighty face.